Akshiv Bansal

Running to be your Applied Science Student Senator and AMS representative.

The Senate is the highest academic decision making body in the university where I will be a vehement advocate for the interest of APSC students. The senate is made up of students, faculty members and deans, who meet on a monthly basis. Every three years there is a new senate session that starts where priorities are set. I want to setup future senators with the best possible footing such that we can have an effective student caucus for the entire term, not just a single year.

The AMS council is responsible for setting strategic priorities for the AMS, changing policy, and holding the executive accountable. As a former employee of the AMS (Sustainability Projects Coordinator), a department president (FIZZ), and a former co-captain of an engineering student team (UBC SOLAR), I have the experience required to govern effectively. I will use this experience to build bridges between organizations and lobby on your behalf to the AMS Council.

Fizz President

Over the course of the 2016-2017 academic year I was the Engineering Physics deparment club president and a member of the EUS Board of Governors. In this time I worked on a number of issues:

  • Hebb Renewal Project
  • Our beloved clubroom is getting upgraded along with Hebb tower. Through this process, I have solicited student feedback, worked with multiple different campus entities, and used various personal connections to improve the space for students.I have worked tirelessly to include ENPH students in all aspects of the decision making and ensured that our needs were heard and acted upon by the project managers. The current cohort will never see this building, but I believe it is crucial that we do the best work possible to setup up the next generation of students.

  • Circumlum Consultation and Feedback
  • Every year FIZZ holds several feedback sessions so that our students can identify pain points in the program and try to rectify them. I worked with our council to ensure that feedback we received was passed up the chain and changes were made to improve the program for the better. I have been involved in this kind of work for my last three years on Fizz council, not just as Fizz president.

  • Conferences Committee
  • I worked on the conferences committee to help send delegates from the EUS to various engineering conferences. We did tons of excellent work together in committee including creating a plan to withdraw from WESST, a large change for the EUS in relation to other western engineering schools

Sustainability Projects Coordinator

Over the course of 2015 and in to 2016 I served as the AMS's Sustainability Projects Coordinator

  • Student Projects
  • Working with AMS Staff
  • Continued Involvement on Committee
  • After leaving the Sustainability office, I took an opportunity to sit on the AMS's Sustainable Project Committee, which administers the AMS sustainability fund. I am regularly involved with discussion and voting there, on project approvals and restructuring. This year that committee passed a new set of criteria to improve the process of evaluating projects.

UBC Solar Co-captain

This past year I served as UBC Solar's co-captain and over the past 2 years I was the mechancial lead of the project

Team Leadership
This is experience is relevant because it shows I can work and lead a team on a difficult project under many constraints. This is the kind of experience that is needed in both the Senate and AMS Council. Where the work can be grueling, hard to parse, and difficult to manage. Working on an leading this team shows that I have the personal and professional skills needed to advocate on your behalf.


My plattform is centered around three main themes. To the left are my Senate specific goals and to the right are my AMS specific goals

Renewed Focus on Sustainability in Academics

As a part of setting new priorities this year in the Senate I want to push for a greater focus in academic sustainability. I love the investment in the infrastructure of the campus, but UBC's greatest asset in the fight against ecological collapse is its students. The world leaders who will graduate from this university should be armed with the best tools possible in combating what I believe will be the defining issue of this century. I want to work with Senate to improve in this area.

Continuing to improve the AMS Footprint

It's been three years since we updated the AMS's lighterfoot print strategy. I think it is time to look at it again to see where we have made progress and where we are still weak. The AMS Students' Nest should be a LEED platinum building soon enough and I believe it's time we updated some of our priorities and actions to reflect our new reality.

Advocacy and Increased Transparency in Awards

I have personally been a huge beneficiary of UBC's generosity and I think that the transparency in awards is still a little lacking. I want to work with the university to shed light on a process that has up until now remained largely a black box. I also want to use my experience lobbying to help work on your behalf, using my knowledge of university affairs and procedure to address issues in an effective way as they come up. Campus is a dynamic place and you never know what new challenges are waiting for you, in this role you need some agile, who is able to adapt to an evolving landscape.

Working to Build upon Governance Changes

This last year has seen changes to wide variety of things in AMS Council. The implementation of some of the governance review changes have taken place. I will be an unbiased judge of the efficacy of this changes, helping to shape the next round of improvements. If they work well, great we will look for more places for improvement. If they don't, I am happy to go back to the drawing board and start again.

Flexible learning and Study Space Consideration in Buildings

Working on the Hebb renewal and the AMS Nest projects gave me a real appreciation for how important physical space is to wellbeing and the campus experience. I want to work on the Academic Building Needs committee to lobby for an increased focus on study space and flexible learning space. If we give room to our faculty and students to innovate they will surprise us.

Expanding AMS relations with different groups on campus

My diversity of background and experience will allow me to break out of the student political bubble. To reach to new groups and explore interesting and fruitful relationships. I think there are many groups, student teams primarily, but also capstone design teams, that could enter into mutually beneficial relations with the AMS.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want to help get the word out, drop me a line.